The Day


The Day

You’re just dying faster than we are.

The Day is a post apocalyptic. I think it’s trying to be something like The Divide (one of the actors is even in this!), but I’m not really feeling it. It is one day in the life of a group trying to survive.

There was some kind of apocalyptic event 10 years ago. The event seems to have turned the world blue and white. Oh, and seems like most people died, little resources, the usual formula.

A group of 5 people (3 guys, 2 girls) are wandering the back roads in the States. They’re looking for a place to spend the night, and examine a map. They are worried because the region they’re in seems to be a good place for ‘them,’ so a number of places on the map are dismissed as possible refuges.

They run into a house. Seems too good to be true, but one of their members is very ill and they have to stop. I think he has pneumonia or something. Anyways, they explore the place, one of the girls takes a ‘shower’ using water coming through a hole in the roof. The 2 girls go off into the woods to try to find food. One of them, a girl in a dress, kills a guy who attacks her at a river bed.

Back at the house, the guys go into the basement and discover what appear to be crates upon crates of food. Waaaaaaaaay too good to be true. One of the guys is so hungry, he busts opens one of the cans, which is filled with rocks. Suddenly this spike thing comes out of nowhere and kills the lead guy. Also, an alarm starts blaring and the basement door is blocked.

So they’ve stumbled upon a trap set by cannibals. Oh, there’s cannibals in the post apocalypse world. There always are.

Anyways, the girls come back and rescue the guys from the cannibals. During the fight, it’s revealed that dress girl herself used to be a cannibal. They brand themselves with the mark of their cannibal clan. There’s really no where for the surviving group members to go, since the main bulk of the cannibals is probably on the way and the countryside is so open, they won’t be able to get far away enough in time.  The group tortures dress girl, but she fights her way free and decides to fight alongside them.

And yeah. Epic battle, blah blah.

I wasn’t really impressed. Obviously. The survivors seem to use up their resources randomly and the cannibal clan looks very big (they even have awesome badass cannibal children) for the group to *SPOILER* realistically take out. I guess it’s supposed to be some kind of commentary on humanity and how low or high we will go when pushed. I don’t know. I liked the Divide more. These people seemed to be all screamy all the time. And I suppose they were going for some kind of ‘OH THE HUMANITY!!’ feeling with the torture scene, but I was just meh. There’s a large group of cannibals on the way and the best way to spend your time is torturing a former cannibal? Oh, and let’s just use our dwindling resources to cremate our friend’s body too. Great use of time there.

1 dark chocolate chunk, dried cherry and toffee bits cookie out of 5.  


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