I am a ridiculous eccentric.

I like zombies. I like Hello Kitty. I like cats. A lot. I would live on dessert if I could. I like movies.

I watch a ton of movies and randomly tell people what I think, but then I forget what I think because there have been so many. Or I forget to tell people about SUPER HAPPY FUN AWESOME TIME MOVIE.

This will be heavy on horror and action, because, let’s face it, that’s pretty much all I watch. I don’t subscribe to watching specific directors (unless it’s my zombie overlord, Romero) and I don’t do chick flicks.

I will also admit that sometimes yes, I WILL watch movies out of my comfort zone because they feature hot actors. There, I said it. You all do it too, it’s okay to admit it!

Sometimes there will be something about food or dessert, maybe even a restaurant review because I also loooove my food.

The writing style will be like a conversation. When I talk about these movies, I usually will actually say what I say in the review, except maybe spread out over time. So just imagine talking about the movie while in a pub or restaurant over a lovely slice of double chocolate fudge cake.


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