Lots of blogs about movies, and blogs in general, have lots of pictures. Why don’t I? WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME???

Well, there IS a lot wrong with me, but in this regard, it’s mostly due to copyright.

Copyright issues are one of the areas I studied quite a bit in grad school. This opens up a whole can of angry worms, but I will simply put it down to: I don’t feel right purposely putting stills, artwork, etc from movies where I do not have the explicit permission of the studios to do so. There has been a lot of media regarding this and some online controversies:


I could probably find more cases if I wanted to, but you can do that on your own. Heck, there have probably been a lot of similar cases since the one above went down, but I’m not going to list them all.

All material on the web is NOT public domain. Yes, it is out there and I could easily find stills, publicity photos and videos from a number of sources but I won’t. Will it make my blog less pretty? Yes, but do I care? Not really. It’s the content, not the prettiness. If you don’t want to read my reviews because there are not lots of pretty pictures, then there are other review sites you can visit. I won’t lose sleep. Sure, I will put pictures up, but those will be pictures I took personally and which belong to me. They will probably be of my cat, who is the cutest thing in the world and of whom I have a million and one pictures of… Wait, back on track! I’ll provide links to mostly imdb pages of the films. There, you can view all the studio permission granted photos and videos you want.

Here are some Canadian government websites about copyright. You can find your own because there a millions, government and civilian. I’m not your Google, there’s an actual Google for that!






That last one is just because I love that site to the point of obsession.


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